Connecticut Wedding Ceremony Music

The Nutmeg Ensemble


The Nutmeg Ensemble has two recordings available for immediate purchase.

Do you know someone getting married?

The 3 CD set PRÉLUDE and the MAZEL TOV! CD is the perfect gift for that special person. PRÉLUDE or MAZEL TOV! will be one of the most important and helpful planning tools the engaged couple could dream of! Consider giving PRÉLUDE and MAZEL TOV! for a birthday, holiday or bridal shower gift.

Prélude – 3 CD set

Prelude CoverThe PRÉLUDE 3-CD set is the perfect planning tool for anyone planning a wedding (bride, groom or parents). PRÉLUDE contains 75 full-length, original trumpet, flute, violin, and cello arrangements (totaling over 3 hours of music). PRÉLUDE will help you create the best playlist for your wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour.

This CD set is the most comprehensive and unique collection of songs a bride will ever need. Once you have the PRÉLUDE CD set, you can refer to the many helpful lists on the Planning page of this website. Many brides and grooms purchase an extra CD set to share with their parents and future in-laws. This is a wonderful way to involve other family members or friends in your wedding planning!

View all 75 songs on the PRÉLUDE 3 CD set.

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Mazel Tov! Jewish Wedding Ceremony Music

Mozel Tov! CoverThe Nutmeg Ensemble MAZEL TOV! CD is the perfect planning tool for anyone planning a Jewish wedding ceremony. MAZEL TOV! contains 22 full-length, original trumpet, flute, violin and cello arrangements. MAZEL TOV! will help you create the best playlist for your special day.

These arrangements are guaranteed to bring tears of joy to your eyes as well as the eyes of your parents and grandparents. Consider purchasing a CD for them to enjoy at home or in the car and invite them to help with your wedding selections!

View all 22 songs on the MAZEL TOV! CD.

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