Connecticut Wedding Ceremony Music

The Nutmeg Ensemble

Nutmeg Ensemble Complete Repetoire

Please click on the link below to view our complete repertoire list.  All of these songs are on our 3 CD Set (Prélude).  Please keep in mind that these are only guidelines and suggestions.  For most weddings, certain songs fit better in certain parts of the ceremony.  For example: If you are having a catholic mass – for the offertory – The Gift Of Love, The Gift, or Simple Gifts would be a perfect fit.  Let There Be Peace On Earth would be a good choice for the ‘sign of peace’.  Please keep in mind that any number of elegant classical selections would also fit nicely.  For the wedding cocktail hour, you will notice that almost all of our songs would be appropriate.


The Nutmeg Ensemble also has a separate repertoire list of music for a Jewish ceremony.   All these songs can be found on our Mazel Tov! CD songlist.


Good luck and happy choosing!