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All of the Nutmeg Ensemble repertoire has been specially arranged by Ross.  Each arrangement is one of a kind and will not be performed by any other group.  Let Ross’s music and the Nutmeg Ensemble create the perfect tone and spice up your special day!


Prelude Music – Prelude music is performed while your guests arrive and are finding their seats for the ceremony.  Most brides, grooms and/or parents select some (if not all), of the prelude music.  For a fifteen minute prelude, five or six songs should be chosen.  For a thirty minute prelude, ten to twelve songs should be selected.  However, if you prefer – we will be happy to select prelude songs from our large repertoire.  The music performed during the prelude should give a cheerful yet subdued atmosphere.  The music should set the stage for the solemnity of the event.

Seating of the Parents/Grandparents (optional) – Sometimes the mothers and grandmothers enter at the end of the prelude and do not have specific music for their entrance.  Very often, the mothers will light the Unity Candle tapers at this point.  If you do choose to use special music here – many brides ask their mothers for their requests.  We do have some suggestions on our Planning page.

Main Course

Wedding Party Processional – The prelude music is over.  The parents have been seated.  The candles have been lit.  The white runner is pulled back by the ushers.  A hush falls over the crowd.  The musicians are cued.  It is now the official time for the wedding ceremony to begin.   The wedding party processional should have a slow but flowing feel.  This is the music for your bridesmaids, ushers, maid of honor, best man, flower girl and ring bearer.

Brides Processional – This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for.  The music here should be something very special.  Most brides select a song that is a bit more majestic and upbeat.  Many of the Nutmeg Ensemble processionals will make you feel like royalty as you walk down the aisle.


Very often, this music is referred to as Interlude Music.  Interlude Music is used at those parts of the ceremony where there are no words being spoken for more than a minute or more.
If you are having a Full Mass, interlude music should be used for the Offertory, Communion, Sign of Peace, Flowers to mothers and Lighting of the Unity Candle.  If you are not having a Full Mass, interlude music can be performed during the Lighting of the Unity Candle and/or the Rose Presentation to parents.  These moments are for quiet reflection, so the music you select should encourage this mood.


Recessional – The wedding is over.  The bride and groom kiss.  Your maid of honor hands you your bouquet.  You turn around to face your guests.  The wedding officiator announces the bride and groom which is followed by enthusiastic applause.  The joyous recessional music begins!  It is now time to celebrate your wedding.  The recessional is upbeat and lively music that is played at the end of the ceremony as the bride and groom leave together, followed by the wedding party, parents and grandparents.

Postlude Music – This is music played while your guests are exiting and/or waiting in the receiving line.  This is the finishing touch to your beautiful ceremony.  Postlude music is generally upbeat.  Most brides leave the postlude music selections up to the musicians.

If you do not want to choose individual songs for your ceremony, we would be happy to perform appropriate songs in the right places.  However, choosing your own wedding music can be more satisfying and meaningful.  Getting input from friends and family is a wonderful way to involve loved ones into your special day.  Some things to consider before choosing your music is to decide if you want your wedding music to be traditional and classic or lesser-known and unique.

Good luck and congratulations!

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