Connecticut Wedding Ceremony Music

The Nutmeg Ensemble

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

  1. How long before the ceremony should the prelude music begin?

    Musicians should begin playing fifteen to thirty minutes prior to the ceremony start time depending on when you think guests will begin to arrive.

  2. Our family member or friend is a singer and would like to sing at the ceremony. Would you be able and willing to accompany them?

    Yes. We will need to get the music selections ahead and know what key to make the arrangements. We also must be able to meet and rehearse with the singer prior to the ceremony. If we are going to accompany someone we are unfamiliar with, it is important for the musicians to hear how the singer will interpret the song and for the singer to get used to performing with our group. Most often this happens thirty to forty-five minutes before the ceremony begins. There is an additional fee for this rehearsal.

  3. What is the setup time for the musicians?

    Setup time is five minutes or less.

  4. When will the musicians arrive for my event?

    The musicians will arrive thirty minutes prior to start time. In most instances, Ross will arrive forty-five to sixty minutes before start time to work out any details with the wedding planner, officiator, etc.

  5. Do we pay extra for you to arrive early?

    No, you do not pay for our setup or arrival time. Our fees begin when we are scheduled to play our first note.

  6. What will the musicians wear?

    Our standard attire for wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours is formal black and white.

  7. If our ceremony is not going to be formal, can the musicians wear something other than formal black and white?

    Yes. For the men we suggest jacket and tie.

  8. What if you don’t have a certain musical piece that we want played at our ceremony?

    If it is possible for us to order the music, we will do so at no extra charge to you. We love learning new music!

  9. What if the music needs to be arranged for the ensemble I hire?

    Ross will arrange the music for you at no extra charge.

  10. Will the musicians perform outdoors?

    Yes, providing the weather conditions are acceptable. Our instruments are expensive and must be protected from rain and direct sunlight. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony the shade of a nearby tree or a small tent would suffice.

  11. Can we meet with you prior to our event?

    Yes. We can meet to go over all the details of your event. We also offer unlimited phone and email consultations to make everything perfect for your day.

  12. If we book you, what is the deposit amount?

    The deposit is 50% and it is non-refundable.

  13. When is the balance due?

    The balance is due one week prior to your event.

  14. Do you take credit cards?

    No, not at this time. Bank checks, personal checks and cash are accepted.

  15. What will the musicians provide and what will we need to provide?

    The musicians will provide the sheet music, music stands and the most beautiful wedding music you can dream of! You will need to provide us with one no-armed chair per musician hired. If you tell us in advance that it might be a little dark where we are playing, we will also bring stand lights.

  16. Are any of the members of your group students?

    No. All Nutmeg Ensemble members are experienced professionals who love to perform at weddings.

  17. Where should the musicians set up?

    The musicians should be in an area out of the way of guests and the wedding party. The musicians should be in a position to see as much of the processional route so they can time the music perfectly for your wedding marches.

  18. Do the musicians require a source of electricity?


  19. How will the musicians know when to begin the seating of the parents and processional music?

    If there will be a wedding coordinator on site, they will take care of that. Sometimes it can be a simple head nod from a clergy person, Justice of the Peace, usher or best man.

  20. How many cues do the musicians need?

    The musicians really only need one cue - the seating of the parents and/or grandparents. When this cue is given to us, the bridal party will already be lined up and ready to go. The musicians will know how many mothers, bridesmaids, etc, and they will know when to change music.

  21. Is it necessary for the musicians to be in contact with the clergy person or Justice of the Peace prior to the event day?

    Not usually, but in certain instances, it can be helpful.

  22. If we request, can a member from the Nutmeg Ensemble attend our wedding rehearsal?

    Yes. If desired, Ross can attend the rehearsal (depending on availability) - however, this is not necessary. Some bride and grooms like to practice walking down the aisle while hearing the music they select and will actually hear on their wedding day. Ross can, and will provide music for you to practice to. There is an additional fee to attend the wedding rehearsal.

    Having the music at the rehearsal heightens the excitement of things to come.

  23. If we are having an outdoor ceremony, are you able to provide a sound system so everyone can hear our vows?

    Yes. Ross can provide a wireless microphone, microphone stand and one or two Bose speakers. There is an additional fee for this service. This service does require electricity.

  24. Do the musicians need to be fed a meal?

    We never require a meal. That said, if you are hiring us for three or more hours and those hours encompass a normal lunch or dinner time, then it would be appropriate to provide us with something to eat. It does not need to be the same meal that your guests are receiving – we know how expensive those are. Most locations have ‘vendor meals’ which would be just fine and greatly appreciated.

  25. Do the musicians expect a tip?

    No, we never expect a tip. However, if you do enjoy our music, let us know by sending us a note of thanks. The best “tip” we can receive is your referral of the Nutmeg Ensemble to your friends and colleagues.

  26. Is it too early (or too late) to book the Nutmeg Ensemble?

    It’s never too early and rarely too late. Just call or email and we’ll do the best we can to take care of you. Of course, the sooner the better since we often book early for future dates.

  27. OK. I want to book you, what do I do now?

    Email or call us to check availability. We will need to know the date of your event, location of your event, and the approximate time we will need to start and finish. We do not need to know the particulars about song selections at this time. We will write up a contract to get your date reserved. After you get our contract, you will sign it and return it to us with the required 50% deposit. At that time, we will immediately send back a signed copy to you. Following that, all that needs to be done is to select your music, pay the balance and provide us with detailed directions to all locations.